The Empty Room project


Empty Room Singapore 2017


Empty Room
immerse in a space without rules or regulations
let everything happen – sense – contemplate 
enjoy the different qualities of a space in perpetual metamophosis
where the sound unfolds what the eyes think they see
one and another confounding – the visible and the invisible
finite in the infinite
in one sole weaved frame

The EMPTY ROOM project

Empty Room is a project dedicated to the exploration of new musical composition and spatialization methods in virtual 3D spaces, developped on multiplayer or mono player technologies such as Second Life, Open Simulator and especially for this project Unity 3D, using the latest video game and virtual reality technologies.

A full 3D uncanny spatial experience

In Empty Room the user moves freely trough a 40m2 virtual plateau in the middle of a giant hypercube orbiting over the earth. All around and inside the plateau a genuine 64 channel audio spatializer is combined to an abstract and ever changing organic visual environnement. Three different perception of space are displayed : vaste and aerial, occlusive with perception shift, extreme reduced space sensation. Duration : 10′

NB : Empty Room is a real VR experience – not a 360° film.

More than 4000 showroom users

Empty Room was presented in the following exhibitions :

Acces festival of Pau 2015, Journées portes ouvertes of Ensad 2016, VR day at HUB PBI France, AES Convention 2016 (Audio Engineering Society) in Paris, Mac+ exhibition Maison des Arts de Créteil, Enghien #9 Biennale, Futur en Seine#7, Happy Cube Day at the CUBE d’Issy les Moulineaux, Beyrout Le Cube “The french digital artspace” exhibition, colloque Stéréoscopie at Louis Lumière, FISM 2016 (Forum International du Son Multicanal), Edesta Paris 8, Festival Virtuality 2017, VRIC Laval Virtual 2017, ImaginaSciences Annecy 2017, Virtual Reality Showcase National Museum of Singapore 2017.


Photo Hugo Arcier

Empty Beyrout Arcier_1908

Photo Hugo Arcier

The research

The project was initiated by Christine Webster at EnsadLab Spatial Media laboratory in 2013. The project has lead to a thesis started in 2016, at CICM/Musidance Paris. LE CUBE artistic center of digital arts in Issy-les-Moulineaux is the official artistic partner of the project. We are also in partnership since July 2017 with Institut Français.

The project focus on three aspects in VR associated to experimental music :
– the possibillities to compose and spatialize directly from within the 3D scene
– the place of the listener and his interactions
– the VR scene output acting as a 3D audio-visual preservation and ditribution format

Empty Room is a constant work in progress, so far we got 2 versions :

Alpha version 2016
Unity 3D with Unity 5 3D sound  and stereo headphone output
Mixed audio formats : mono, stereo, quadriphonic
VR scene running on Unity 3D, in seated mode, on Mac OSX
Mono user without interactions

Beta version 2017
3D sound in 3D ambisonic and Binaural headphone output
Mixed audio formats : mono, stereo, quadriphonic, Transaural Bi-Pan panning, HOA CICM library.
VR scene running on Unity 3D, in seated mode, on Mac OSX with Oculus DK2 and in standing room scaled mode, on Windows 10 with HTC Vive.
Mono user with interactions.

Empty Room acousmonium 64 voies

Empty Room – the 64 virtual transducer mapping

Exhibition possibilities
Please consult us trough the contact form, Empty Room is very adaptative VR project and can be shown in various displays : conferencing, workshops, fair demos, art center exhibition installation …
Personnal on demand demos can be organized in Paris.

EnsadLab Spatial Media
SCAM Brouillon d’un rêve Pierre Shaeffer
La Francogrid
LE CUBE Centre d’art numérique d’Issy-les-Moulineaux
3D Sound Labs
CNSMDP Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris.
CICM/Paris 8
Institut Français

VRIC 2017 ACM : Empty Room, an electroacoustic immersive composition spatialized in virtual 3D space, in ambisonic and binaural
IJVR 2017: Empty Room, how to compose and spatialize electroacoustic music in VR in ambisonic and binaural
Septentrion Presses Universitaires 2018 : Empty Room. Expérimenter la sensation d’espace en écoute binaurale et vision stéréoscopique en immersion numérique 3D. Christine Webster dans Stéréoscopie et Illusion. Archélogie et pratiques contemporaines.

Demo video (french)
Empty Room LE CUBE  / video demo


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