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Chiptune Trashmaker V2 is chiptune sequencer and noise machine – Freeware Max7 OSX – Standalone app

features :

– sequencer with random mode
– keyboard
– glitch slider
– breakpoint enveloppe
– tempo assign
– embedded square wave antialiased osc
– dual freqshift Rm1 Rm2
– bitcrusher
– allpass/bypass/nopass
– audio start
– rec to disk
– master level
– audio status
– scope
– destructiv preset (save is erased when you close the trashmaker)

quick launch : check audio status (dac), click on one of the demo presets stored on the upper right corner – activate audio and play/tweak
start from scratch : activate tempo, audio and bps button, draw a seqence, rise the master level
you can use the chiptune trashmaker with your external pedal board, route it into some modular FX or into a daw with soundflower.

Dropbox download link

Chiptune Trashmaker user guide

Gael Segalen’s impros made with the CT :

The buy button below is a donate button 😉 in case you like the Trashmaker

Buy Now Button


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