VR Audio 3D research

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I am a researcher in the 3D soundfield when applied to immersive VR experiences, focusing on the new possibilities of composition-spatialization for the composer and the impact it has on the audience.

From October 2013 to July 2016 i worked at ENSADlab research laboratories at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris with the Spatial Media group specialized since 2007 in digital shared environments. This is what we know as “virtual reality”. In this lab, artists and researcher are working together exploring new spatial medias trough artistic projects.

My contribution to the lab was focused on sound and spatialisation. I developped since 2006 a composition and sound mapping technique in 3D game like environnement for EA music i called Musique Topologique, an inworld Topo Spatialized setting of virtual transductors regardless of any audio format constraints (5+1 etc).

This technique was initially experimented on social 3D plateforms like the Second Life and  the French Francogrid OpenSim plateform. However in 2015 we choose to use Unity 3D better suited for the development of the Empty Room project and his massive inworld 64  virtual channels sound display, for real time calculated VR, testing object oriented audio, ambisonic and binaural techniques.

The Empty Room project lead us to start a Phd thesis actually ongoing at CICM Paris 8 under the direction of Anne Sedes CICM and co directed by François Garnier Spatial Media. Titled : Electroacoustic composition experimented in 3D space. Exploration and studies about new emerging composition techniques in virtual 3D space.

Technical application of theses studies and experiments will concern not only experimental music but also any situation where spatialized 3D sound will be needed : art, games, architecture, science … These experiments and techniques enter in the VR-Assited Music range and specifically in the VR-Assited Spatialization range.

You will find a complete description of the project on the Empty Room project page. And a listing of the scientific publications on the writings page.


This our VR lab at CICM MSH Paris Nord


and this is CICM’s HOA display a semi dome for Ambisonic 3D at order 3 for 16 monitors


We are continuously improving Empty Room


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