16387087_1286418011429101_1229726941288624870_nPhoto Gael Segalen

sounds unfolds space and space unfolds imagination


CD Release
///Iceberg The Drift, Christine Webster at Sublunar Society

Digital Release
///Diary#2 Christine Webster at Bandcamp

Internet streaming
///Acoustic Camera project – Le Messager – March

///Cashmere Radio – Transcience – experimental broadcasting – June 7

///London Iklectic Waterloo – modular set – March 24
///OWO – Open Women Orchestra – experimental music orchestra – LE CUBE – June 14
///La Générale Paris – Analog synth live – July 8
///London Intraspect – modular set – University of Surrey – October 18
///LUFF Festival Switzerland – Polyphones – DJing women tracks – October 20

/// Workshop Polyphones-LeCUBE #2 – June
///Masterclass – Christine Webster – Conservatoire Annecy – December 6

Empty Room – electroacoustic composition in VR
///Projet Archiver le Présent – internet
///Journées du Patrimoine – September 15
///Darmstadt Dieburg – The Global Composition conferences – October 4/7
///Naisa – New Adventures In Sound Art – Ontario – December2018/January2019

///Fukushima Days was show at Iklectic and Naisa

Net Radios who played our tracks
///Deep Three
///Cashmere Radio


Experimental modular live
///Modularium Paris
///Merton Art Space London
///Le Périscope Lyon
///PowWow at Modularsquare Paris
/// La Générale Paris
///+30 Nantes
/// Concert Polyphones à l’International Paris

Digital release
/// Diary #1 Christine Webster Bandcamp

///Modularism CD Law and Auder Bandcamp
///Self identifeid non male artist … Hylé Tapes Bandcamp
///Ni rien ni personne Vol II et III Bandcamp

/// Event Horizon monthly on LYL radio

/// Workshop Polyphones-LeCUBE #1

///Empty Room, the 3D VR sonic immersive experience was shown during 2017 at :

  • Festival Virtuality 24/25/26 Fevrier 2017 Paris /// Conference : Nouvelles perspectives de spatialisation de la scène sonore dans un espace numérique 3D
  • VRIC Laval Virtual 23/24 Mars 2017 Laval  /// Conference : Empty Room, an electroacoustic immersive composition spatialized in virtual 3D space, in ambisonic and binaural
  • ImaginaSciences 17/19 Octobre 2017Annecy Showroom
  • Virtual Reality Showcase 7/10 Décembre 2017 National Museum of Singapor Installation + Conference : Virtual Reality the new frontier for 3D sound spatialization


///Electrosound – Rex club Paris – 21 June 2016. Experimental modular impro.

///Empty Room, the 3D VR sonic immersive experience was shown during 2016 at :

  • Journées Portes ouvertes de l’Ensad 22/23 January 2016.
  • Hub BPI France Soirée Réalité Virtuelle 7 March 2016.
  • Soirée démo MAC+ Festival Exit Créteil 14 April 2016.
  • Fabrique Numérique#1 de la Biennale Internationale des Arts Numérique   d’Enghien-les-Bains, Bains Numériques#9. 3 days demo. 1/3 June 2016.
  • AES  International Audio Engineering Society – Paris, conference “How to build an 3D virtual acousmonium”. 6 June 2016.
  • Futur en Seine Village des innovations 4 days demo – 9 au 12 June Paris.
  • Happy Cube Days – Le CUBE Issy les Moulineaux. 24 September 2016.
  • Beyrouth – Le CUBE with Albedo creative platform at Station exhibition center. 26-30 September 2016.
  • Colloque Stéréoscopies, conference, presentation and demo of the Empty Room project. La Femis, Paris. 1 October 2016.
  • FISM 2016 presentation and demo of the Empty Room project. 14-15 November 2016


///Livre Art Publishing Monument of the Memory. 10′ CD MOTM February 2015
///Geekopolis Empty Room demo, virtual 3D electroacoustic composition whip project on OpenSim and Unity5 May 2015
///FrancoGrid Live Fest’avi June 2015
///QWARTZ 2015 Live session on Silent Stage
///Modularsquare Synth Battle Gaité Lyrique July 2015
///Flexible Persona international magazine of writing and music played my piece OSTINATO on a Beth Horning Text August 2015
///Festival ACCES, Beyond Bitmaps digital installation from Laura Mannelli and Frederick Thompson, OST Christine Webster with a Quadriphonic sound system. + Empty Room from Christine Webster  3D electroacoustic composition on Unity5, Alpha seated version for Oculus Rift and gamepad. Exhibited between October – December 2015
///FISM Forum International du Son Multicanal – workshop and conference presenting Empty Room virtual 3D electroacoustic composition. Canceled because of the 13 of November terrorist attack.
///#1Polyphones, co-founder of the french women in sound art network opening – Workshop demo (Empty Room, Max instruments and patch) and live jam 12 dec 2015
///DigitalIIIS online digital art gallery – 5 tracks and 32 sounds – Christine Webster “Chute” 22 December 2015.

and we were on Radio

///Nova on RTElyric FM thanks to Bernard Clark who aired IN MEMORIAM this year.
///Websync Radio aired Fukushima Days part of Fukushima Open Sounds Project 30 N0vember 2015
///France Culture SuperSonic Thomas Baumgartner recieved Christine Webster for a 30′ interview 31 October 2015

///BEYOND dont stare into bitmap a 6+2 immersiv external sound environnement for virtual 3D interactiv installation
Selected for Nuit blanche october 2014 and FAN festival december 2014
///Terminal Radio show – special 15′ remix sept 2014
///Horlusfestival#3 june 2014 Le chemin du Sternum 34’27
///Fukushima Days / Festival Videoform

///Fukushima Days film version Horlusfestival#2 / Fukushima Open Sound projetc
///3D sound design and Music for Premier Festival de Science Fiction Geekopolis Festival

///Fukushima Days 25’45 Horlusfestival#1
///Le chemin du Sternum 34’27 Performed in Montevideo Uruguay

///Erased/not erazed 20′ online performance
+ 10’51 film version
///Limbic 3D EA composition on virtual simulation
exposed at Away from Keyboard, Futur en Seine and Désert Numérique 2011
///Fukushima Days /work in progress / Placard Headphone Festival
///55 Sounds to The Sky Exposed at We can be Heroes / Espace Gantner Belfort

///55 Sounds to the Sky 3D EA composition on virtual simulation / Aire Ville Spatiale project
///Victor et les Voix du Musée /Musique et sound design / Radio France CD
///Stream for Night will not Fall / Festival Videoformes 2010

///Desolatio 11’05 creation for Radio France Tapage Nocturne
///La chute de la maison Usher 20’08 Edition du point d’exclamation CD
///Usher Epstein 1H 09′ restored film version from 1928 / Festival Bellevilloise
///Die Mauer Berlin 2’13 creation for Radio France Tapage Nocturne
///Ushuu played at Placard Headphone Festival Toulouse

///No Humans Land 10’12 creation for Radio France Tapage Nocturne
///Talking No Sense Over Mixed Realitys /Perfomance / Reality Festival Paris
///Ire /short film from Karen Guillorel 5’35/sound design and music – Festival Alienor
///Ushuu second 6 track CD / CDbaby
///Transgendered Sounds 18’08 / Placard Headphone Festival

///Dragons 11’59
///La Litanie aux Pirates 11’05
///Tokyo Ohio 13’37
creations for Radio France Tapage Nocturne
Smashed Oyster 28’16 Placard Headphone Festival

///Sputniki 15′ creation for Radio France Tapage Nocturne

///Wild Orion first 10 track CD / CDbaby
///Nemo et Stilla 4’10 Laureat Concours Jules Verne Radio France

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