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The Burning sessions

An eagle with two heads :

Camille Escudero Cinetics /// Christine Webster Modular synthesis

A tryptich /// brûlures aux cendres apaisées, conçues et rêvées /// 1 2 3 ///







We are in Laval Virtual 2019


Our VR project Empty Room has been selected in the Revolution #Research Category for Laval Virtual 2019. Join us in Laval this week in the Hall B booth B1_WK,  Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March. Empty Room is a research project exploring in-game spatialization techniques for 3D audio in VR. Paris 8 CICM – Spatial Media Ensadlabs

Full description of Empty Room


Iceberg the Drift reviewed in Vital Weekly #1133 by Frans de Waard


Webster surely is finding her own voice

The first time I heard music by Christine Webster was back in Vital Weekly 1088 when I reviewed her USB drive ‘Diary #1’. On the cover of ‘Iceberg The Drift’ Webster writes that this is her second release to deal with a natural catastrophe. Cover-Christine-Webster-610x610First was “Fuskushima Days projects in 2012” (I am not sure if that is a natural catastrophe or human), it is now about the “Larsen C Ice Shelf Rift in Antarctica, which during
the summer of 2017 caused the complete breaking of the oversized A-68 iceberg, drifting now in the open sea for years, maybe even decades”. Like on her previous release, Webster uses modular electronic modular electronics, although now they are not specified as to what kind of machines. Whereas the previous release was quite playful and open, this new seems to be more composed and less open. The music reminded me of modern electronics, sounds bleeping about, but in a rather slow mode and with quite some reverb to add a fine sense of space. Sometimes she uses tones from her set-up that remind me of small and larger blocks of ice breaking and falling apart. I am not sure but like her previous release some if not all of these pieces have a somewhat ‘live’ feeling to them, especially in a piece like ‘Tensile Stress’ and immediately this becomes a somewhat playful piece. Throughout however the music is very solemn and slow in development, perhaps, indeed like a massive iceberg adrift, but a very slow adrift it is. It is a most enjoyable piece of music (all seven of them) and it seems a step forward in the progress of Webster’s music. If you like modern musique concrete than you should surely check out this particular new composer. I am not sure, if she is from France, but her work surely sounds very French, say the INA-GRM studio scene, and Webster surely is finding her own voice. (FdW)
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Eventide Euro DDL

Check out these two videos i made for Eventide – I got their Eventide Euro DDL module for a few weeks at home for evaluation. Even if this delay module is not stereo as many others are – it got a lot of possibilities under the hood, and most of all the legendary Eventide sound and quality. A must have in this category if you got the budget.

We were at Corpora Aliena #2 March 24th with Liz Helman and Bernhard Living

Iklectik Mischa Haller02

Photo Mischa Haller

Bernard Living invited me to perform in London at the lovely Iklectik venue the 24th March 2018 for Corpora Aliena #2. It was the second time i played in London, last year it was for the excellent CV Freq hosted by Eden Gray at Merton Arts Space. Playing in London is always a pleasure. I like the warmth of the people involved in the experimental music sphere and their enthousiasm for the modular things ! Can’t wait to go back to London again !

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We are on Acoustic Cameras

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Since March 2018 (i’m very slow at actualizing my works … ) we are part of the Acoustic Cameras / Sound annexation project

Le Messager 11’11

in Canarias, La Laguna – La Laguna – Spain

lat.: 28.4853, long.: -16.32014

Location sounds from Orgiva Spain 2014 + Electronic music

Acoustic Cameras

Sound annexation project

ACOUSTIC CAMERAS invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.

The flow of webcams is intercepted but not modified. The artist is invited to deliver a sound piece or piece of music related to this flow; This sound piece acting as a modification of reality.The resulting work is the encounter of a recorded sound piece and the live capture of a fluctuating landscape. Depending on the season, depending on weather, depending on time of day or night, the camera sweeps continuously the filmed location (seaside, city or mountain) and writes in real time the film of the artist’s music. Music or sound design, by monopolizing the filmed landscape, soon takes on a narrative, dramatic dimension, according to the principles of film music. At the slight difference that here the film is written simultaneously.

Stay tuned ! Acoustic Cameras expands continually, regularly enriched with new works of artists.