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We are on Acoustic Cameras

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Since March 2018 (i’m very slow at actualizing my works … ) we are part of the Acoustic Cameras / Sound annexation project

Le Messager 11’11

in Canarias, La Laguna – La Laguna – Spain

lat.: 28.4853, long.: -16.32014

Location sounds from Orgiva Spain 2014 + Electronic music

Acoustic Cameras

Sound annexation project

ACOUSTIC CAMERAS invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.

The flow of webcams is intercepted but not modified. The artist is invited to deliver a sound piece or piece of music related to this flow; This sound piece acting as a modification of reality.The resulting work is the encounter of a recorded sound piece and the live capture of a fluctuating landscape. Depending on the season, depending on weather, depending on time of day or night, the camera sweeps continuously the filmed location (seaside, city or mountain) and writes in real time the film of the artist’s music. Music or sound design, by monopolizing the filmed landscape, soon takes on a narrative, dramatic dimension, according to the principles of film music. At the slight difference that here the film is written simultaneously.

Stay tuned ! Acoustic Cameras expands continually, regularly enriched with new works of artists.

ICEBERG THE DRIFT on Sublunar Society

Iceberg/The Drift is a poetic and sonic tribute to the Larsen C Ice shelf rift in Antartica which caused during the summer 2017 the complete breaking of the oversized A-68 iceberg, drifting now in the open sea for years, maybe decades.

It’s the second sound work, i composed being directly inspired from a natural catastrophy, like i did with the Fukushima Days project in 2012.

With Iceberg/The Drift, i investigate the structural ice shelf perception and the vibrant life hidden inside it from an organic and abstract perspective, working only with modular synthesis.

The seven tracks are available for preview on Soundcloud and the official release is set to the 12 january 2018 on Sublunar Society

Empty Room at National Museum of Singapor.

Empty Room from Lebanon to Singapor

Not much time left since a year and a half for blogging. Empty Room and all the research going along went on a fast pace and it still is going this way. We are very happy and proud to have made major improvements to the project wich runs now on a really full 3D ambisonic + Binaural techniques. We also went from Oculus DK2 to HTC Vive upgrading in quality and rendering, thus improving the overall quality of perception.
For more in depht details concerning the projetc please read this article : The Empty Room project and the following scientific publication : Empty Room, how to compose and spatialize electroacoustic music in VR in ambisonic and binaural also referenced referenced in HAL The International Journal of Virtual Reality.
Our journey went trough : Happy Cube Day at the CUBE d’Issy les Moulineaux, Beyrout Le Cube “The french digital artspace” exhibition, colloque Stéréoscopie at Louis Lumière, FISM 2016 (Forum International du Son Multicanal), Edesta Paris 8, Festival Virtuality 2017, VRIC Laval Virtual 2017, Imagina Sciences Annecy 2017, National Museum of Singapor Digimuse VR showcase 2017.

To be continued …

Top picture : Empty Room at National Museum of Singapor.

Empty Room takes it all, save the dates in June

expos 3 plus flyer

Empty Room is a beautiful 3D sound project i run since two years now – in collab with the french Spatial Media Lab in Paris and now with Le Cube center of digital arts of Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Come over and immerse yourself in  a virtual 3D environment, all made of sounds with an incredible sense of space.  Empty Room is an electroacoustic composition, entirely spatialised trough my virtual acousmonium directly embedded in the 3D scene, with a subtle sound design made on a dedicated analog modular system.

Save the dates :

– 1,2,3 June 2016  – Fabrique Numérique de la Biennale Internationale des Arts Numérique d’Enghien-les-Bains, Bains Numériques#9

– 6 June  AES Convention  – 14h45/15h30 Room 352A – tutorial : Creating a virtual acousmonium in Unity 5.

–  9,10,11,12 June 2016 – Futur en Seine, Carreau du Temple, Paris.

You can vote here  :


Juin expos 3

Empty Room acousmonium 64 voies

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