Transmutation V Pacella 2013

///composer///sound designer///researcher

living in Paris France

///Researcher, Phd at CICM Paris 8 – Exploration of new Electroacoustic composition and spatialisation techniques in immersive 3D VR simulation.

///Music composer and producer in the experimental and electro-acoustic sound fields. Modular synthesist and performer. Experimental electroacoustic composition in 3D interactive virtual environments.

///Co-founder and organizer at Polyphones – French experimental women composer network and OWO the Open Woman Orchestra.

///Senior sound designer for game, movies, tv and 3D media.

///Former Researcher at ENSAD Paris ENSAD-LAB Spatial Media (Espaces numériques partagés).

///Former Sound Design teacher for ISART DIGITAL – La Poudrière – Satis University – EICAR.

///Former Writer for KR-HomeStudio and MCD-DIGITALARTI.


Photo Valeria Pacella-2013

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